42nd Street Moon

2019 Off With a Bang!

Sweeney Todd was met with some of the most positive feedback I’ve ever received from a show - people loved it! I couldn’t be more grateful for such a terrific team who was so willing to push boundaries to create something great.

Then, immediately following I participated in the first staged performance of Anne Kobori’s new play “Everyday Alice” with Utopia Theatre. I played a grown up version of Peter Pan and worked with a passionate cast to bring these classic character’s to life.

Afterwards I had the immense pleasure of direction “110 in the Shade” at 42nd Street Moon in San Francisco. This classic musical (made famous by the 2007 revival featuring Audra McDonald) is based off of Nash’s play “The Rainmaker” and tells a heartbreaking story of beauty, strength and hope. The cast was fantastic, and it ended up being a truly special performance that I was terrifically proud of. They still run one more weekend!

I also just filmed a commercial for Chime where I got to play with puppies all day! Kudos to my agents at Stars for hooking me up with such a fun opportunity!

Coming up next, I’ll be directing “The Three Musketeers” at Douglass Morrison Theatre in Hayward. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity of stretching my sword fighting skills in such an awesome space. The production should prove to be an epic endeavor.

Outside of theatre, I’m looking forward to furthering my work as a Corporate Performance Coach. I’ve recently been offered a position by the prestigious “Stand & Deliver” company, and am eager to begin my journey working teaching high-level communication skills to major influencers in the business world.

Elephant Man, and An Exciting Announcement!

Last month I had the tremendous honor of playing John Merrick as the title role in The Elephant Man at Hillbarn Theatre. The production was extremely demanding physically, but served to be one of the most satisfying theatrical experiences I've ever embarked upon. While my body is glad for the relief, I will definitely miss that show.

However, once it ended I then began the most exciting role I have ever or will ever play: Fatherhood!

Judah Jeremey Marx was born on May 5th, 2018. While he experienced a bit of a bumpy ride in the hospital, we were able to bring him home happy and healthy two weeks later. We are overjoyed and can't wait to show him the world.

Meanwhile, the remainder of 2018 is already booked up! This summer I will be directing Saturday Night Fever at Broadway by the Bay, then I will be directing a very exciting project that has yet to be announced... Afterwards, I'll be playing Trevor Graydon in Thouroughly Modern Milly at CCMT, then I direct Sweeney Todd! I then wrap the whole thing up by directing 110 in the Shade at 42nd Street Moon. Lots of amazing stuff to do, and to teach my new baby!

Theatreworks, Raktor, and 42nd St Moon

We closed "Crimes of the Heart" at Theatreworks Silicon Valley last month to rave reviews! It was such a treat to work with such an amazing company, as well as with our director Giovanna Sardelli. I am very grateful for the cast, the crew, and the amazing story that will serve my memory for years to come.

Afterwards, I immediately went back to my immersive work. I did some writing and directing for "Raktor" in San Francisco, a Virtual Reality improvisational theatre company focused on expanding the horizons of live entertainment. We would invite a small audience to our studio based in downtown SF, then select one individual to wear the VIVE headset that would allow them to see the digital environment around them. Then, an actor on stage being filmed by a Kinect Camera would appear in the headset as a digital character (a pirate, wizard, robot, monster, etc...) What's more, individuals watching the show being streamed online were able to control certain characters within the environment and participate in the narrative themselves. The whole thing was a whirlwind of fascinating, ambitious, innovative work.

Two days ago I began rehearsals at 42nd Street Moon in San Francisco to work on "The New Girl in Town", the Tony-Award Winning musical from the 1950s based off of Eugene O'Neill's "Anna Christie." I play Matt, the Irish sailor with a heart of gold, the temper of a devil, and voice of an angel ;) I am really excited about the project, and the cast is stellar. Look out for our opening on March 29th.